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A Brief History of Upper Assam

Hardeep Singh Matharu | December 17, 2020

Hardeep Singh Matharu shares about how Jorhat, Assam came to be and the contributions of the Jorehaut Tea Company. In addition, he highlights how the British had built an efficient inland water transportation system which saw the arrival of steamers from Calcutta and Dhaka. Major ghats in Assam included the ones in Guwahati, Tezpur, Jorhat, Sibsagar and Dibrugarh. Unfortunately, this water transportation system mostly fell into disuse following India’s independence in 1947.

Hardeep Singh Matharu

Hardeep is an active member of the Jorhat Gymkhana Club and is serving as the joint secretary. He is also a steward of the Jorhat Races and is its current treasurer. He is keen to help promote tourism in the North East.


Hardeep loves travelling, photography, cooking and learning about historic events. He learnt this recipe from his sister-in-law who has lived in the tea plantations for over 30 years. Having made it himself, he wishes to share it with our readers.

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