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The editorial team at Elbyte offers an array of intellectual services – the kind that will allow small businesses to gain a stronger footing amid a turbulent economic scenario. Small businesses essentially are the economic engine of any economy, be it an emerging one or an already developed ecosystem. Our services are geared towards assisting in forming of standard operating procedures, digital marketing, small business consultancy as also writing and editing. We invite you to take a virtual tour of what we can bring to the table.

Digital Marketing

The recent investment by Facebook in Jio Platforms is a direct giveaway of the opportunity that lies in establishing an online presence. Social media is above and beyond social interactions or simply keeping abreast of the goings-on in our contacts’ lives – although we will admit even this is interesting. The popular social media platforms such as Facebook, Whatsapp, Instagram and YouTube are formidable business tools that must be leveraged to gain a wider audience. Doing so will allow your product or service to transcend geographical boundaries. Elbyte can assist you in generating engaging content that will impart finesse to your brand.

Small Business Consultancy

Small business consultancy is basically engaging the services of an experienced individual to iron out problems in specific business areas. For instance, are your customer facing staff well-groomed and proficient in communication? Are they worthy of representing your organisation in your absence? A common refrain we have heard is business owners stating that their businesses cannot run without them. Unless their personal presence is guaranteed, there will be an immediate downhill trend. This is where having a set of standard operating procedures followed by regular quality control check comes in. We welcome you to contact us and learn how we can add value to your business by streamlining the entire workings, while making sure you can spend more time in generating prospects.


Writing is essentially communicating to another individual or to large groups of people. In its most basic form, it entails putting pen to paper, which in itself often takes a fair bit of motivation to get going. We encourage you to write but if you are seeking a steady flow of content to share on your business blog, Elbyte can assist in meeting this goal. We take great pride in weaving pieces in prose, in poetry or even in the form of a book to share your brand’s story orpossibly your family tree. Elbyte takes on ‘ghost writing’ projects should you have a story to tell but cannot allocate the time to write it yourself. Drop us an e-mail and we can discuss in greater detail.


You are already an accomplished writer and maybe you are seeking an editor to smoothen out the edges and make sure it is all grammatically correct. Perhaps, even your grammar is perfect but you maybe need a proofreader to check for consistency in style and tone. Elbyte can be your remote writing aide.

Website and App Building

A website or an app for your business is essentially a webstore, just as you own or rent a ‘brick-and-mortar’ shop or showroom. You can now even link it to leading market place platforms such as Amazon and also add new members to your existing clientele. The majority of your customers are perhaps from your town or city itself or from your neighbourhood only. Would it not be rewarding to add another revenue stream by building a webstore? It really costs very little in comparison to your brick-and-mortar one.A webstore needs no daily cleaning, there are no fixed hours and should another pandemic strike, your business might just boom when everyone else bickers about a slow economy.

Video Tutorial for Staff Training

Standard Operating Procedures