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Using Ecobricks to Make Artificial Rocks

Zabir Rahman | February 13, 2022

We showcase how ecobricks can be used to build artificial rocks in a water feature. To make it easy to apply mortar on the plastic bottles, the first step should be to add a medium consistency layer of diluted cement, water and a little sand. Once this is poured over the plastic bottles, it makes it easier to layer on the sand and cement mixture. Otherwise, the mixture does not stick on to the smooth plastic surface easily. Thereafter, another layer of cement and water can be poured over the formations. This will help give it a more natural rock look.

Zabir Rahman

Zabir drives research writing at Stonebench, Singapore. His core interest was automobiles, although with time, he thinks he is growing more fond of writing and teaching. Zabir is now keenly interested in the technology space and is part of the Elbyte editorial team.

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