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Working On A Monsoon Night

Gurjeet K Walia | July 29, 2021
Working On A Monsoon Night

How very agreeable,

Doing your stuff,

When the weary world shuts its eyes.


The inky night,

Comes rushing in,

Through the open window uninvited.


The regal moon,

In solitary flight,

Stops for just a moment and smiles.


The wind plays,

A musician’s notes,

In near-perfect octaves.


Then clouds huddle,

Thunder rolls deep,

And streaks of lightning tear apart the darkness.


Now the rain,

Soft murmur rising,

In crescendo, to fall unabated.


It’s a spell,

Doing your stuff,

While the world is sleeping tight!


Gurjeet K Walia

Gurjeet completed her twenty-fifth work anniversary during the Covid-19 lockdown in India. Keenly aware of the transience of life under the circumstances, she resolved to get all the stories she had been carrying inside her for years, out of her system. Her transformation from a media professional to a full-time writer happened, thanks to the virus.


Gurjeet loves new books, new films, new gadgets and meeting new people. She lives in Kolkata with her septuagenarian mother.

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Uma Daga
Uma Daga
2 years ago

As usual, awesome!!

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