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Winter Blooms

Sonia Nain | November 26, 2020
Winter Blooms

Winter is here and it is time to lay out our winter gardens. For those lucky to have a lawn, there can be a profusion of colour spilling all across. And for those who live in flats, let’s make do with planting these blossoms of delight in pots. The idea is to to let in as much colour as we possibly can into our lives and make winter one of the brightest seasons in the year.


                                                       Morning Glory



The artist has taken inspiration from all the winter flowers that she has grown in her garden. She feels the paint brush may not do full justice to their incredible beauty and brightness. Yet she has made an attempt to capture these bursts of colour in their full glory, before they fade away.




The pandemic has stretched on long enough and has brought a lot of stress into our lives. It is now time to look out for some positivity and a lot of cheer. These strokes are thus an attempt to celebrate a new promise, new beginnings and hope which the blooms bring in their wake.



Sonia Nain

Sonia developed painting as a hobby thanks to her mother whose endeavour it was to keep her daughter busy during the summer holidays. In life’s roller coaster ride of general responsibilities, painting per se took a back seat for Sonia though her love for colours and expressions remained.


Post marriage when Sonia moved to the tea gardens, the array of lovely experiences of nature in all its magnificent and majestic glory had a great visual impact on her. When her husband was transferred and they moved to Kolkata, she had a strong desire to keep the brilliant colours vivid in her mind and the hues, unforgotten. She wanted to relive their beauty through paints and brushes and says painting which started as a hobby has, in these pandemic times, become a therapy and a source of happiness.


Sonia would use oil and acrylic earlier but has now started experimenting with water colours. A single stroke medium with no retakes, water colours can be quite unforgiving and unpredictable. But the undeniable charm of the fluidity of colours, coupled with loads of motivation from friends and family, has helped Sonia continue to paint happily and passionately.


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