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Where Is The Time

Devi Choudhury | April 1, 2021
Where Is The Time

Where is the time to grow old,

With smiles still silver, glances glowing gold.


Where is the time to sit idle,

When desires are restive, thoughts are supple.


Where is the time to mourn,

When droplets are pearls for nature to adorn.


Where is the time to turn gray

When fabric of life still shines and yet to fray.


Where is the time to grimace,

When sparkle in the eye ekes a mystic preface.


Where is the time to be careworn,

With world around, I shun wandering forlorn.


Where is the time to invite death,

When days aren’t yet numbered, I have faith.

Devi Choudhury

Devi has been teaching English and Economics for the past 25 years in various schools across Maharashtra and Kolkata where she is now based. In her free time, she loves writing short stories and poems.

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