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When Oranges and Chocolates Collide

Sarmistha Paul Chowdhury | July 23, 2021
When Oranges and Chocolates Collide

Chocolate, in its most common form, is a brown or dark brown product. It derives it distinctive colour from the steps that are involved in its processing. Unprocessed cocoa beans are actually deep red in colour.

Then there is milk chocolate which contains a higher concentration of milk fats and less of dark chocolate. A third commonly found kind is white chocolate. There are no cocoa solids used in making white chocolate; rather it is made from cocoa butter, milk and sugar.

Orange flavoured chocolates are a derivative of white chocolate. Orange oils, when mixed with white chocolate, give the characteristic orange colour as also the flavour. Several big chocolate brands offer orange flavoured goodies. They include the likes of Kit Kat and Lindt.

The following is an easy recipe to try at home for an aspiring home chocolatier. It is also a fun project to engage the younger–and perhaps more curious–members of your family. Besides, there is only one ingredient involved that can purchased from any baking supplies store. And then simply let your creativity run wild.


Orange flavoured cooking chocolate – 500 gms


  1. Using a knife, cut the orange flavored chocolate into small pieces.
  2. Use double boiling method if using a gas burner. If using a microwave, melt it in bursts of 30 seconds. Do not microwave continuously because it will lead to the chocolate, and its oil, separating. This will make it hard.
  3. The molten chocolate must be whisked properly. This gives a shine to the finished product.
  4. Once the molten mix is comfortable to the touch, pour it into moulds of your choice.
  5. Place in a refrigerator for just 15 minutes and they are ready to eat.
  6. If you want to keep aside for later, wrap them using foil paper. They can then be stored in room temperature. If kept in an air tight jar, they will not spoil for at least six months.

My venture called Mom’s Bakery attempts to curate and offer delicacies such as these. Should you wish to order them in a specific shape or size, do reach out to me through the comments below and I will be glad to fulfil your order.

Sarmistha Paul Chowdhury

Sarmistha is a professional home baker. With her enterprising mindset, she is nourishing her baking business one delicious serving at a time. It is possibly her study background in fine art that enables her to make the best of her gift of creativity. Sarmistha is also fond of cooking; she has an inimitable way with traditional Bengali dishes. She calls her venture Mom’s Bakery, and is always delighted to receive orders for her signature doll cakes.

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