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When I Come Back – 2

Viresh Agarwala | August 13, 2020
When I Come Back – 2

Each night she yearned

For another story, a magical realm.

A kiss on the forehead,

A lullaby to sleep.


She shed her liquid pearls,

In a trance of thought and hope,

In his absence,

The void of his presence.


She hid her fears in her smiles,

Her laughter echoing her sadness.

He had promised he would return,

With gifts and tales of the land far beyond.


He came back sooner than ever,

Smart and proud as was his wont.

With gifts of his valour,

And tales of his sacrifice.


He lay in the coffin,

Beatific smile on his face,

He had done her proud,

But at a price she did not know.


Never again would there be a fairy story,

An embrace from those fatherly arms. 

The man himself an angel somewhere,

A star in the stirrings of her soul.


This is the second part to the poem. The first part can be read here.


Viresh Agarwala

Viresh is a freelance poet based in Kurseong and is the proprietor of the well-known firm “Hanutram Lekhram Agarwala “established in 1865. He says he is “old school”, happy in small things, and doesn’t like change. He is thankful to God for everything – his books, nature strolls and his two daughters who are his life line

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3 years ago

It’s wonderful how creativity flows into words… you are truly an artist 👍👍👍👍
this poem iS heart wrenching because it is so true

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