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What Was That??

Chandralekha Prakash | January 14, 2021
What Was That??

A whisper in the winds, a rustle in the leaves,

Oh it’s the crickets, the beetles,

The moths and the praying mantis.

All huddling closer and scary eyed.


The wise old owl narrates mysterious stories,

Of battles unheard; of lives lost and total chaos.

Of lies and deceit, of lust and greed,

For power, fame and wealth.


As the stories get darker and murkier,

The shocked creatures of the night,

Stare at each other in stunned silence,

Their eyes widened in shock!


The dark skies begin to rumble,

The wind no longer whispering,

The leaves no longer rustling.

It’s a roaring tempestuous night now!


The wise old owl gives a hoot of warning,

Beware of humans!

Eyes guarded and wary,

A mumbled prayer on his beak, he flies off into the night.

Chandralekha Prakash

Chandralekha is based in ‘God’s own country’ – the southern Indian state of Kerala. Writing helps her express her immense love for nature; poetry being her favourite form of expression. An amateur photographer and an artist, she also loves dabbling in Indian classical music and dance.


Chandralekha is a voracious reader and dreams of publishing her own novel and a compilation of her poems someday. An out and out nature lover, she believes that if you enjoy the little things in life, you will fall in love with life itself.

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N. Gopakumar
N. Gopakumar
3 years ago

What was that? An amazing play of words, a poem beyond words or phrases or nature talking to us.

Chandralekha Prakash
Chandralekha Prakash
Reply to  N. Gopakumar
3 years ago

Thank you for that amazing compliment! Truly flattered!!☺️

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