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Upcycling a Withered Tree

Elbyte Editorial Team | November 13, 2021

Tree stumps can be repuprosed as landscaping material.

Upcycling a Withered Tree

Trees are essential to sustaining human life. On a basic level, green cover absorbs carbon dioxide during the day and releases oxygen — the all important gas that sustains human and animal life.

However, withered trees are considered inauspicious, when growing next to one’s home. There are varying reasons for this belief.  Anecdotal evidence, however, points towards the fact that such trees are a safety hazard.

While the tree trunk may not give way during a storm, a withered stray branch that is blown away can cause severe damage.

This is possibly among the few scenarios where tree felling is recommended. They can be repurposed for various purposes such as firewood or as construction material. One alternative is to use them for landscaping.

Repurposing withered trees

Using a chainsaw, the trunk and branches can be sliced into 3-4 inch thick slabs. They can then be placed around an area that you wish to highlight.

In our case, we used it to highlight a bonfire and barbecue area. The tree stumps were then fixed into place using a mix of mud and dung. This inhibits the growth of weed.

The next step is to layer a bed of loam mixed with compost. Bermuda grass seeds can then be sowed.

It will take about two months for the grass to fully grow out and border the sliced tree stumps. But once done, it will be a visual delight.

Elbyte Editorial Team

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