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Travel Photos Using My Phone

Manish Agarwal | August 12, 2021
Travel Photos Using My Phone

These images were captured during my weekend drive to Gorubathan — a small town on the way to Lava in Kalimpong. This route boasts stunning landscapes all along the drive.

I’ve been fond of photography since childhood.  A few good clicks on my smartphone, with the right composition of objects amid nature, is all it took for me to get hooked!

Over the years, I figured the one thing I can do well–or better than most–is to click landscape photos of nature during my weekend travels with family and friends.

I believe everyone can click beautiful and stunning photographs on their handsets without prior photography skill. A few tips and tricks on YouTube are sufficient to get one going.

One key pointer is to check the frame composition from various heights. A mere lowering or raising of the hand before clicking the photograph can make a big difference. Another tip is to check whether you’ve managed to capture the shot right.

With some practice, your efforts are sure to be appreciated. Once you begin sharing your clicks on social media, encouraging words begin to flow in, and this is great motivation to better your skills.

I hope these will inspire everyone to give it a shot. You too may suddenly realise your hidden talent and, in turn, inspire others to try their hand at it too.

Manish Agarwal

Manish is an alumnus of St Xavier’s College, Calcutta and is based in Siliguri. When not busy managing his chain of retail stores, he loves to spend time indulging in his favourite hobby – photography.


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