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Time in Motion

Jennifer Helen Ghosh | October 8, 2020
Time in Motion

Twenty-five years have passed by,

So many minutes spent together.

Let’s continue;

Our new journey has just begun!


So many things we’ve done together,

Traversed the road-blocks all.

Filled with passion and bouts of anger,

Oh boy! It’s a miracle, we are still together!


Memories are engraved in my heart,

A heart that holds you dear.

The past has flown, gone forever,

But the future – It’s ours!


We basked in the sunbeam of good times,

Will live to regret the storms.

Time has taught us many lessons,

More importantly – how to love!


We have been through trials,

And crossed every barricade.

Opening doors of understanding,

And, much much, more!


So, spend time with me my love,

And remember to hold my hand.

For how long we will be together,

The future I cannot tell!


Let’s take a special vow again,

Keeping our fingers crossed.

For golden days together,

Forever and ever!


Jennifer Helen Ghosh

Jennifer was born into an Anglo-Indian family and got married to Ashis, a Bengali. She penned down this poem for Ashis, on the occasion of their silver wedding anniversary.


A sensitive and caring lady, Jennifer is at the same time ambitious, strong and a self-starter who is always working towards achieving the next milestone.


Jennifer is an MBA, specialising in human resources, with over three decades of work experience in a multicultural environment. Throughout her career, she had the opportunity to work across India, UAE and Mexico and over the years, has picked up vital skills in the areas of mentorship, counselling, operations, effective communication, leadership and resource management.


Jennifer is a passionate Toastmaster, a journey that began 13 years ago and is still continuing. She is the immediate past District Director of District 41, Toastmasters International, and continues to inspire members to reach their highest potential in becoming better communicators and leaders.


Jennifer is also a trained classical dancer, fond of theatre, and is always up for fun and engaging activities. A loving mother to two sons, the core of Jennifer’s philosophy of life is to give back to society in whichever way possible.

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Aditi Chatterjee
Aditi Chatterjee
3 years ago

Jennifer the emotions and sentiments expressed in the poem, have touched me deeply.I have heard you speak at a Toastmasters session at Siliguri and vividly remember the impact your words had on us.

3 years ago

Loved the poem Jenny Ma’am and your tribute to marriage 👍👍👍 deeply inspiring ♥️♥️

Rita Bajla
Rita Bajla
3 years ago

Heart touching poem Jennifer ma’am. These are golden words which every couple would like to share.

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