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The Traveller – Part 3

Viresh Agarwala | August 27, 2020
The Traveller – Part 3

He had started out a mere traveller,
But now his was a mission.
On his journey he felt confused, elated and blessed,
A surge of conflicting emotions.

The temple and its ruins,
The flowers. The apparition.
The colours entrenched in every breath he took.

He saw her again,
Yes, there she was walking in front of him,
Or was she walking towards him?
His heart skipped a beat,
Almost stopped,
In yellow and red!
The colours of the Goddess.

The swell of the power!
She touched him.
The traveller in awe; a little afraid.
He saw her face,
Her radiance far too overwhelming.
After all, he was only human.

She had arrived. Only for him.
But the traveller did not know; not yet at least,
That he was not only he.

But in him, lay an entire cosmos a universe.
And she had come to show him the way,
His journey was long.
But he would never be alone.
Even as the Blue Throat Supreme looked on.
From far away somewhere.

She led him, in the riot of her splendour,
The Amber of her beauty and her nature,
She held his hand.
The traveller on his journey.



Viresh Agarwala

Viresh is a freelance poet based in Kurseong and is the proprietor of the well-known firm “Hanutram Lekhram Agarwala “established in 1865. He says he is “old school”, happy in small things, and doesn’t like change. He is thankful to God for everything – his books, nature strolls and his two daughters who are his life line.

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