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The Traveller – Part 2

Viresh Agarwala | August 27, 2020
The Traveller – Part 2

Bound in unseen chains,
The traveller journeyed on.
His destination remained,
But his path had changed.

He felt a strange haunting,
Deep deep somewhere,
He knew he was blessed.

Profound was the resonance,
Never before had he felt it,
The connect with the temple in ruins,
He could hear the anklets jingle,
As they had in the decrepitude.

He knew she existed,
In which life and when and why?
Would he ever know?
But the Goddess had come,
Was it not time?
He perceived her presence everywhere,
He saw her not though.

The apparition was his destiny, so he discerned.
How he wished – how he wished, he could decipher,
The devotee from the Goddess.
Were they one or a symbiosis?
Beyond his understanding.

The colours of red, white, yellow and orange,
He saw them everywhere.
With each step was his destination closer?
But the temple lay behind him now.

Sometimes his mind in a quandary,
Tried he to unshackle those unseen chains.
But they held him tight,
Like a shining chord.

There would be a right time,
For a true revelation.
He did not know yet,
He had a prophecy to fulfil.
He belonged to the temple in ruins!
He belonged only to the riot of colours he had seen.
The traveller continued on his journey.

Viresh Agarwala

Viresh is a freelance poet based in Kurseong and is the proprietor of the well-known firm “Hanutram Lekhram Agarwala “established in 1865. He says he is “old school”, happy in small things, and doesn’t like change. He is thankful to God for everything – his books, nature strolls and his two daughters who are his life line

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