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The Night the Shadow did a Masquerade

Chetna Keer | September 24, 2020
The Night the Shadow did a Masquerade

I thought danger lurked outside the door,

Till a shadowy knuckle tiptoed in and tapped my shoulder.


“You! What are you doing here?

Aren’t you satiated yet? 

Millions you’ve gobbled up,

Cloaked as crafty corona,

From siblings to sons,

Breadwinners to beloveds?”


“Ho, Ho, how I love a seven-course meal,

Didn’t get a delicious dessert tonight.

Hey, why don’t you serve me some?”


“Upon my dead body! 

Don’t you touch anyone here!

Take me if you will.” 


The masked face darker than a dungeon,

Cast around its capricious glance,

And lit up with devilish glee,

Like a shadowy tunnel,

Inkily iridescent in a flickering, fading light.


“Ho Ho, not you,

You twattle too much,

How about that one, like a little lamb,

Crouching in the corner?”


“How can you? She’s so small and shy!

Aren’t you done being dead drunk on human blood?

As if it were your daily cocktail of Bloody Mary, 

Culled from corona’s corpses?”


“Ho Ho, when it’s a feast that I eat,

There’s no big or small.

Hardly matters if it’s a human or beast,

Meat is meat!”


Scooping away my furry feline bundle,

As ginger as Audrey’s ‘Breakfast at Tiffany’s’ cult Cat!

Death disdainfully dropped his mask at the door.


“Ho Ho, I had to wear this mask to trick the guards at your gate,

Huh, but I don’t need to don measly masks,

I am the Naked Truth!”


Chetna Keer

Chetna is an author, a columnist at Hindustan Times, a social media satirist, a humourist at the “Khushwant Singh Humour Fest” 2020; invitee as a guest to two “Ted Circles Conversations” 2020; and a poet. In the context of Covid -19, she was recently invited by All India Radio (World Service) & “Subtle Lyrics” podcast on Spotify to recite her Pandemic Poetry.


She is the author of two books – “TROLLitically Incorrect” in 2018 and “Veggies Go On A Beauty Parade” in 2005. She has also co-authored a travel coffee table book, “Kashi Prayagraj Kumbh”.


Having spent over 25 years in the print media as Lifestyle Editor and Features Writer with leading publications like Hindustan Times, The Tribune, India Today’s “Simply Punjabi” etc, she currently pens the humour column “WITerati” for “Hindustan Times” that critiques the warts ‘n’ wackiness of life on the social media through the scrutinising lens of satire.


Links to the books on Amazon:

1. Trollitically Incorrect :

2. Veggies Go On A Beauty Parade :

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3 years ago

The sad truth of life but everything must come a full circle and so must life too. Beautifully penned elegy from the deep embers of your grieving heart Chetana and the metaphor is so apt. Warm hugs to you my friend

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