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The Happy Colours of Spring

Joya Roy | March 4, 2021
The Happy Colours of Spring

After the long, dark, cold and dreary winter months, the season of spring is literally a breath of fresh air! One of the four temperate seasons, spring succeeds winter and precedes summer.

It’s that time of the year when days get longer and nights get shorter. With more daylight hours the weather turns warmer.

Nature too responds in a big way. Trees begin to grow their leaves and flowers begin to bloom.

Spring signals change and promises new life, new hope. It brings forth ideas of rebirth, rejuvenation, renewal, resurrection and regrowth.

It is an ideal time to contemplate and reflect on the beauty of nature. Forget the worries, empty out all negative thoughts and start afresh.

What better way to enjoy spring than to walk around a beautiful garden flush with flowers in full bloom!

Cinerarias, pansies, petunias, dahlias, phlox, verbenas, dianthus – all a riot of colours!


Joya Roy

Joya is a tea lady having spent more than 25 years of her life in the green vistas of the tea estates in North Bengal and Assam. she is extremely fon of gardening and loves planning out her winter garden months in advance. Her lawn is a riot of colours and she enjoys entertaining freinds and family in her patio over breakfast or lunch.


Joya is also fond of baking and considers it a therapy. Baking brings immense pleasure, particularly when she shares her cakes, flans, biscuits and desserts with family and friends. Joya says that it’s like creating magic in your kitchen – you start with some basic ingredients like flour, butter, sugar and eggs which transform into so many different delightfully sinful dishes. Baking is her go to and the secret ingredient is always love!

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Rahul Vatsyayan
Rahul Vatsyayan
3 years ago

Fantastic pictures

Alka Bskshi
Alka Bskshi
3 years ago

I absolutely n whole heartedly agree!
Joya’s home, lawn n table have always been a delight for all her friends n family, she simply does a great job of it n creates ‘ Magic’ with her immense talent!
More power to her……keep the flag flying……lots of love, luck,and laughter

3 years ago

Vibrant colors. You always had beautifully laid out gardens with matching interiors and the best laid out table. Kudos to you Ms Roy.

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