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The Gift of Time

Avantika Malhautra | July 1, 2021
The Gift of Time

Connecting with people,

Seeing the interconnections,

Opening my heart.


Just like me – they want to sing,

Just like me – they want to move,

Just like me – they want to paint,

Just like me – they want to write.


What do I care about?

Health, love, the joy of partnership;

Influences of each other in community and togetherness;

Uncovering separation, uniqueness and common humanity,

Unfolding empathy within boundaries.



A peaceful way of life!

Rest; slow down

I pause.

I play,

With nature and wildlife.


Inner and outer carelessness, consumption, greed and violence.

A virus came along and there was silence.

There was fever, cough and cold;

Death and dying, of young and old.


The power of the unseen,

Resolved the tensions between city and farm life.

The sky was clear, clouds floating along,

As day turns into a starry night.


Dreadlocks on the trees,

Bushes gone wild;

They don’t need no haircut,

And they definitely don’t need no bride.


The virus is saying just stay;

Learn to stay with one thing, one thought,

One book, one person.

Most of all, learn to stay with yourself.


Do you like yourself or love yourself, where are you with that?

Don’t you see the simplicity of life?

Seven pairs of clothes is all you need;

A bed, food, water and electricity.


Some people are on the run

With nothing in their pocket,

Guided home by the sun.


Where is home and what does it look like?

It changes every few years as I change my hairstyles.

What seemed so fixed and certain,

Is fragile and soft.

There is rawness and beauty,

Deep inside a hard rock.


Playing and chatting together never felt as much fun.

We forgot how to do this often.

And now we are returning,

To the schedule of the sun.


No alarm clocks and reminders,

A smooth flow of rhythm resides.

There is freedom in this discipline,

Movement in this deep silence.


The birds are chirping a beautiful language,

That only they understand.

But if I hear closely, they are saying to me –

“Oh man! This life is so much fun!”

You have freedom of choice and

Privilege of peace


Thud thud thud thud….

Until the monster comes,

And thuds through the street.




Avantika Malhautra

Avantika is a presence-oriented psychotherapist, a Registered Expressive Arts Therapist and founder of ‘Soul Canvas – Art for Wellness’. She works with young adults in the area of mental health, growth and well-being using a combination of talk, visual art, writing, mindfulness and movement in her therapy sessions.



Avantika has a deep appreciation for beauty in nature, artistic expression and creativity. She loves her daily practice of journaling, meditation, yoga and soulful music which helps her kick start the day powerfully.


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