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The Days of Yore

Ayon Chakraborty | January 7, 2021
The Days of Yore

The days of yore are memories filled

Of some good ones, some unfulfilled

Images of people who we have known

Some have left us, some have grown.


On this day we think again

Of the joys and the pain

The days that are gone never return

Everyday a new lesson to learn.


Living Life as it may come

Many a bad day, good days some

The days of yore are mysteries filled

Some unsolved, some revealed.


On this day, we think again

yearning to go back, but all in vain.

Let’s look back and see the smiles

And the sorrows that we shared.


Lets reminisce the moments we loved

And the moments that we cared

This year will end never to return

Memories that remain are of joy and fun.


Some of sorrow have been there too

Of which I hope coming years have few

There is a brand new year ahead that awaits

For us to excel and test our fates.


Good wishes for all and happiness galore

And all the good things for evermore.

Ayon Chakraborty

Ayon is a corporate lawyer who loves travelling, writing and cycling. He also loves lengthy discussions on interesting ideas. During his spare time, Ayon is a part-time volunteer for various social initiatives involving underprivileged children and seniors.

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Arpita Bhattacharjee
Arpita Bhattacharjee
3 years ago

Beautifully penned,essence is the emotion written & felt.

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