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The Constellations Display at the Nehru Planetarium, Delhi

Jawahar Lal Malhotra | February 11, 2021
The Constellations Display at the Nehru Planetarium, Delhi

Mr. Jawahar Lal Malhotra, a passionate amateur astronomer, painstakingly created detailed drawings of all constellation figures while in college. He preserved these drawings for over 50 years and then donated them to the Nehru Planetarium, Delhi. They have been kept on permanent display ever since, as a source of interest and inspiration for budding amateur astronomers.





                                                   Ursa Major

                                                   Ursa Minor

                                                  Ophiuchus and Serpens



                                                  Lyra and Aquila

                                                Canis Minor and Canis Major

Jawahar Lal Malhotra

An alumnus of St Stephens College, Jawahar came to India from Pakistan during the partition. He had a tough childhood and in spite of frequent change of schools, he ended up mastering several languages. He worked at Dunlop India and was greatly influenced by the work culture and sense of discipline of his British bosses.


After retirement, Jawahar settled down in Delhi and went on to pursue his first love, that of astronomy. He is no more, but his legacy lives on through his daughters and grandchildren.

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Ratna Sharma
Ratna Sharma
3 years ago

Such detailed diagrams done with precision.

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