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The Buddha

Mahi Sinhal | May 27, 2021
The Buddha

This young artist celebrated the festival of “Budh Purnima” with this piece of mandala art. She made do with an ordinary black gel pen, as the entire city was in lockdown.

What is striking is how the caption–The Buddha–has been written. Mahi learnt this art of ‘wood writing’ from her mother who’d created this art form when she was in school! The words are written in a manner to try and create a ‘natural wood’ effect. When drawn, it seems as though thin slivers of wood have been strategically placed to resemble letters.

Mahi Sinhal

Mahi is all of 10 years old and she already wears many hats! She is currently a student of class five in G.D.Goenka School, Siliguri and is a passionate researcher on the universe.


In addition, Mahi is very fond of Bharatanatyam and contemporary dance forms. She also loves painting, sketching and finger painting. Mandala art is a recent addition to her repertoire.


Apart from this, she even plays the piano and is now learning notations. She is particularly keen to learn Beethoven’s compositions.

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2 years ago

Young minds …
aspiring talents 💕

Vedant Sitani
Vedant Sitani
2 years ago

Superb work!!

Jyoti Saraogi
Jyoti Saraogi
2 years ago

Too gud maahi …proud of you ❤️

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