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Summer Blooms On My Palette

Sonia Nain | June 10, 2021
Summer Blooms On My Palette

When colour palettes rule, painting becomes therapeutic. Come, let’s escape into the world of colours and flowers, and forget for a while all things grim. Amid the disheartening and dismal news all around, the artist attempts to bring some warmth into our lives with her beautiful water colour renditions.




Sonia Nain

Sonia developed painting as a hobby thanks to her mother whose endeavour it was to keep her daughter busy during summer holidays. In life’s roller coaster ride of general responsibilities, painting per se took a back seat. However, Sonia’s love for colours and expressions remained.


Following her marriage, Sonia moved to the tea gardens. And the abundance of nature in those environs–and its magnificence–made a great visual impact on her.


When they moved to Kolkata, she had a strong desire to keep the brilliant colours vivid in her mind and the hues, unforgotten. She wanted to relive their beauty through paints and brushes. Sonia says painting, which started as a hobby, has now become therapeutic — a source of happiness amid the pandemic.

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2 years ago

Oh, these make my heart happy!

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