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Stay Strong, Stay True

Uma Daga | August 6, 2020
Stay Strong, Stay True

When your world is narrowed and skies look grey,

When fond dreams are destroyed and you are in dismay,

When your head is made to hang low or your shoulder is slung,

When harsh blows hit you and angry words are flung,

When stars shine dim and the moon becomes fray,

When sadness fills your hearts and there seems no way…


Give yourself a chance once again.

Rise from the dust and throw away the strain.

Dream hard and dream long.

Fill up your heart with another song.

Stop the hand that touches you wrongly.

Ward away your fears and stand up strongly.

Choose to speak the truth and dare,

Your desire should be present in your stare!


Don’t ask why, don’t look for reasons to stay,

You are a gem; no stress can make you sway.

Others will soon know your worth,

First, YOU have to learn to be in mirth.

You have to see what you can be,

Then, plan for what can set you free.

Look within yourself, say hello to your soul,

You are a princess and a queen, not a mole!


So what if life is harsh? It will be.

Hold on to those who love your ‘me’.

Choose to respect and earn it in turn,

Allow the fire within you to burn.

You will deliver if you are right,

Never give up without a fight.

Stay strong, stay true, stay the way you are,

You are what you want to be – yes, you are the adorable star!


Uma Daga

Uma is a nature lover by birth, life enthusiast by choice, and a content writer by profession. She loves to travel, mingle around, and read. She lives in Jalpaiguri – far from the maddening crowds – in the lap of nature and says, “You have to meet and spend time with me to understand why I am the way I am!”

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Munmun Dandona
Munmun Dandona
3 years ago

Extremely inspiring and well written poem … looking forward to many more

Sony Goyal
Sony Goyal
3 years ago

I have known Mrs.Daga over sometime and have gone through every writings,she has written.. It’s so motivating to read her texts simply because it touches your heart with reality of today’s world. It has really groomed me as a personality,i m today. Shall look forward to more and more in the time to come. Keep writing and keep inspiring us! Well done.

Shruti Mittal
Shruti Mittal
3 years ago

Wow ….Beautifully written !!!!!!

Gurjeet K Walia
Gurjeet K Walia
3 years ago

What a superbly motivating poem this is! I love the ‘never say no’ vibe that rings out loud and clear in it. Yes, life will toss hurdles at us every now and then but how we deal with them is what matters in the end. Thank you for reminding us to dream on.

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