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Sprinkling Stardust

Shilpa Jain | June 25, 2020
Sprinkling Stardust

Just as styling and accessorising are creative outlets for many, likewise makeup allows me to visually express my mood, my personality, my style statement and my persona. I have loved makeup forever!

As a little girl, I would closely observe my mum get ready for parties. With rapt attention, she would apply her plum nail polish and brush her eyeliner for that winged look. Then she would define her lips with lipstick to achieve the perfect pout. How I wished the fairy god mother would transform me into a young lady just so I too could experiment with my mum’s vanity box.

Today, makeup and styling is my passion, my creative outlet, my hobby and ‘oh-my-world’. An instant mood lifter, I find the act of makeup an art form. It offers me reprieve as it allows a temporary escape from trials and tribulations.

Stick to one statement feature

I always recommend to every woman to stick to one statement feature – be it your eyes or your lips to keep the look balanced. If you do not want to go too bold with colours, stick to more neutral tones like bronze, copper, beige or black glitters. Whatever the reason or the season, glitters, shimmers and sparkles have always been my downright fun element. They provide a great way to look festive without having to wear sequins. Even better, glitter looks good on everyone and across all age groups.

The application of sparkles and glitters can be a little messy, so do your eye makeup before everything else and remove any fall out that happens on your face with scotch tape. Yes, scotch tape! It is the simplest and easiest way to remove sparkles that stick to your face. To hold your glitter in place, apply using a mixing medium or glitter glue. Spray your face with a setting spray once the whole look is complete to keep the makeup intact.

Blending the traditional with the modern

I indulge in a lot of fusion – blending the traditional with the modern. One personal favourite fusion look is accessorising shimmery eyes with a maang tikka. The maang tikka is an essential element of the solah shringar or 16 traditional bridal adornments. It signifies the holy union between the bride and groom on a spiritual, physical and emotional level. The tikka which is placed at the centre of the forehead is believed to host the ajna chakra or the third eye. It is said to protect brides from evil and negative energy.

This beautiful piece of jewellery, with its glamorous yet classy appeal, adds a touch of regalia and has always been my favourite adornment for any occasion. I team my maang tikkas with sarees, shararas, red carpet gowns, or even jeans and an off-shoulder top. In fact, maang tikkas are now worn as a fashion statement by women across the globe.

Shilpa Jain

Shilpa is a freelance makeup artist and trainer and has graduated from the London Academy of Freelance Makeup. She has done makeup and styling for famous celebrities such as Priyanka Chopra, Jacqueline Fernandes, Lisa Ray, Anil Kapoor, Queenie Dhody, Shobha De, Shweta Bachchan and Shashi Tharoor to name a few.

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