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Six Yards of Magic

Subhra Ghosh | October 8, 2020
Six Yards of Magic

Every single saree is painstakingly painted by the artist herself and showcases nature in all its glory. In this saree, the many shades of blue – the colour of infinity, are brought alive on six yards of pure white – the colour of purity.



The artist has used her creativity to showcase the cycle of nature, synonymous to life; appearing as if from a microscopic spec only to merge into nothingness. The vividly painted saree has beautiful sea birds, emerging from the blue waves of the ocean and slowly vanishing into the blue sky.



This is a pure white satin silk saree on which the blue of the ocean flows all over its body and continues to the end of the anchal. On careful observation one can see the motion of the waves and the froth over them.

Price on request

Subhra Ghosh

Subhra is an alumnus of the renowned Viswa Bharati University, Shantiniketan, West Bengal and is now based in Silchar, Assam. She is a teacher by profession and an artist by passion. Her customised hand painted sarees convey a strong message of love, loyalty, trust and friendship.


Subhra commits an average of six hours daily into creating magic on six yards of material that she sources directly from weavers. Her sarees have found a niche clientele across the world and are available on order, on her website.

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