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Shivi’s Travel Diaries: Kerela

Shivpriya GS | July 31, 2020
Shivi’s Travel Diaries: Kerela


When you bid farewell to someone but you are hopeful that you will meet again. Guess what ! When you are not alone, you cherish the wait; the chirping birds, dancing trees and the cold breeze is with you waiting for your friend, the sun to come back. The sunset constantly reminds me that when you say “good bye,” the hope of meeting again makes me go on.



Every wave has its own story but all we see is the splash on the shore. When I listen to them I can hear them talk to each other and get excited to see what lies in the shore. They remind me of my childhood when I would get elated with every small thing and somewhere between now and then it faded away. They inspire me to stay lively and not just alive.



I wanted a perfect reflection of the hut and I only got that because the water was calm. If we want to introspect or reflect, we need to stay calm; otherwise we might miss out on a great picture.

Shivpriya GS

My first home is my suitcase and I am a believer of extremes. On a regular day, I won’t so much as get up to fetch a glass of water for myself but when on a trip, I will usually not rest — even for a minute. Neither a night owl nor a morning person, but again when travelling, I wouldn’t miss an early morning sunrise or embark on a midnight trip.

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