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Poetry In My Prose

Chetna Keer | May 6, 2021
Poetry In My Prose

Maa, you are the pearls of poetry in my prose,

Maa, you are the invisible ittar in my rose,

Maa, you are the nazaakat ‘n’ nakhra in the way my saree flows,

Maa, you are the palette of perfumed memories your painted canvas on my wall echoes,

Maa, you are the silken lyricism in the lullaby that still into my ears tiptoes,

Maa, though we miss having you around to hug us close,

Maa, we thank the Lord you’re with Him in a place safer from the pandemic’s woes.


Chetna Keer

Chetna is an author, a columnist at Hindustan Times, a social media satirist, a humourist at the “Khushwant Singh Humour Fest” 2020; invitee as a guest to two “Ted Circles Conversations” 2020; and a poet.


In the context of Covid -19, she was recently invited by All India Radio (World Service) & “Subtle Lyrics” podcast on Spotify to recite her Pandemic Poetry.


She is the author of two books – “TROLLitically Incorrect” in 2018 and “Veggies Go On A Beauty Parade” in 2005. She has also co-authored a travel coffee table book, “Kashi Prayagraj Kumbh”.


Having spent over 25 years in the print media as Lifestyle Editor and Features Writer with leading publications like Hindustan Times, The Tribune, India Today’s “Simply Punjabi” etc, she currently pens the humour column “WITerati” for “Hindustan Times” that critiques the warts ‘n’ wackiness of life on the social media through the scrutinising lens of satire.


Links to the books on Amazon:

  1. Trollitically Incorrect :

  1. Veggies Go On A Beauty Parade :

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Chandralekha Prakash
Chandralekha Prakash
3 years ago

The multilingual words have blended in so charmingly…very nice 👌🏻👌🏻😊

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