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Pocket Squares for The Debonair Man and The Sassy Lass

Preeti Mann | April 1, 2021
Pocket Squares for The Debonair Man and The Sassy Lass

Show your sartorial flair for all things unconventional and express your mood without saying a word!

Wear these beautifully handcrafted pocket squares painted by the artist herself.

Her style ranges from the conventional and understated to the flamboyant and uncommon. Go ahead and make your own style statement!


Satin – Rs 1150/- each

Silk – Rs 800/- each

Preeti Mann

Born into the olive greens, Preeti has travelled across the length and breadth of the country thereby amalgamating the essence of India. She was raised in a boarding school in the proximity of the mighty Himalayas, at Darjeeling. Her love for English literature and poetry took her to a path introducing young minds to the beauty of the language. She is equally fond of the language of her nation, Hindi, in which she dabbles in poetry.


An educator, a trainer, a painter and a people’s person (an HR professional), she has a penchant for writing about anything that catches her fancy. Her hand painted ensembles are a poetry of a different kind.

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