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Plants and My Green Finger

Pragya Jaiswal | June 10, 2021
Plants and My Green Finger

My favourite hangout by far is a nursery. And regardless of the numerous plants I buy, I end up yearning for more. Over the years, this passion has grown by leaps and bounds.

When I thought of developing a green space back in 2013, I did not have much idea about plant varieties, or their characteristics. I, therefore, ended up planting small seedlings on my lawn that eventually grew into huge trees. They ended up covering a major part of my north facing garden, blocking the little sunlight it received. Ultimately, this affected the growth of other plants.

                       Pothos – N Joy

I have significantly more clarity about plants today than ever before. Most of these learnings have been gained by way of personal experiences over the years. Theoretical knowledge is, no doubt, informative but the ability to apply and experience the same, is real knowledge.

                 Pothos – Silver Satin

I have some thumb rules that I always keep in mind. These ensure my plants’ long term survival and their overall health. First and foremost, one should know the plant’s name — both its common one as well as it scientific term. It comes handy when one wishes to look up information–such as plant type or preferred climate–online. In this manner, one can always mock-create a suitable environment and help increase its adaptability.

              Rubber Plant – Variegated

A common error I find is repotting a plant immediately after purchase. This practice is best avoided. Rather, a new plant is best left in a shady corner for at least 15 days, allowing the plant to ‘acclimatise’ to its new environment. The next step is to choose the right medium for potting. This could be peat based or sand based, depending upon plant type. Choosing the correct pot size is also an important factor.

                       Areca Palm

It must be borne in mind that plants’ roots grow first. This is followed by the stem and its leaves develop last. It may so happen that when a plant begins to develop its root system, it could be an inward growth which may not seem pleasing to the eye. However, it is only after the root fully develops that the stem begins to grow. It is also natural that, in this timeframe, you may have lost your patience and begin wondering why your plant isn’t growing.

                 Schefflera – Variegated

Another factor to keep in mind is that plants require less water in their sapling stage. If the pot used is too big, then the soil usually takes long to dry. This could lead to a risk of root rot setting in. Choose a small pot for a small plant. Prior to watering your plant, always dig your finger an inch deep to check moisture. When you water, do so thoroughly until it seeps out from the bottom. At the same time, take care to not overwater. Spray your plants with water from time to time and wash its leaves. This helps them breathe better and consequently, leads to improved plant health.

                    Pothos – Golden

Plants don’t die overnight; it is a gradual process. An unhealthy plant starts sending out signals like yellowing leaves or burnt foliage. Most importantly, watch over your plants lovingly; they reciprocate kind actions!

Pragya Jaiswal

Pragya is a meditation trainer by profession and has worked with organisations like Lions Clubs. She believes in spontaneity in life and loves to strike a balance always. Pragya is a nature enthusiast, takes keen interest in plants, and is fond of animals. She is perpetually conscious about others’ feeling and values character above everything else. Pragya feels that in order to move ahead, one must first let go.

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Uma Poddar
Uma Poddar
2 years ago

Wow, Pragya! Beautiful❤😍 article, very informative, simple and straight from the heart. I enjoyed reading every word and will take care of the advice on you have shared thru experience. Love❤😘 you!

Sunita Bahadur
Sunita Bahadur
2 years ago

Very nicely articulated article and good information

Rahul Prasad
Rahul Prasad
2 years ago

Nice and informative article, specially the all important thumb rule to remember and follow, for beginners and all alike.

Aditi Chatterjee
Aditi Chatterjee
2 years ago

Informative article on plant care Pragya. You have effectively conveyed the message that nurturing plants require a lot of patience, genuine love and knowledge.

2 years ago

Not read a better , well explained and down to earth (literally) article on plant sustainability 🌱
Thanks for this dear Pragya ♥️♥️ Your passion is as pretty as you (and your plants 🪴 )
I specially loved how you reminded us not to disturb a new pot for some days and how the roots grow first and then the top. So much like human life isn’t it?

Please keep writing 👍👍

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