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My Vibe, My Tribe

Pratibha Varma | September 10, 2020
My Vibe, My Tribe

Wish me love, wish me smile.

Wish me travels, across endless miles.

Wish me freedom from my own echo,

Let me pamper my spoilt brat ego!


I need to be strong in those high heels,

I want the world to know how a flat chappal feels!

My dear girlfriends, let’s make peace with each other,

And stop blaming our men – husband, brother or father.


It’s you who notices that muffin around my waist.

A man, I’m sure would have devoured it in haste.

It’s you who points out that tacky lipstick shade,

And giggles at my longish oily Indian braid.


For those men, they’d notice the warmth in my smile,

They know it’s my humility that always stays in style.

So what if my saree is loose from one end,  

And puff sleeve blouses are out of trend.


Learn to forgive, if that print is too bold,

Or that XL size garment makes me look old.

I may be candid or a gregarious little fool,

So what? Those guys? They find me cool!


Don’t take me wrong for that overdose of booze,

I’m a simple flirt, don’t tag me loose.

The men I know, they like the dude in me.

I’m sure to get some calls – hey are you free?


I might not know the lyrics to the billboard top ten,

Or I may be one of those “I didn’t knew” women.

But if I can take over a party and shake it like Shakira,

Why do you smirk and why are we foes forever?


All our lives, we’ve blamed it on men,

Rapists, sadists, control freak all of them!

But it’s us dear friends, who are out to settle our score,

Unwon battles, conflicts down the core.


I am a list way too long,

Beautiful, independent, powerful and strong!

I am a glorious mess; accept it and say,

Chauvinists, go decipher those fifty shades of grey!

Pratibha Varma

Pratibha is a literature enthusiast, a writer, poet, blogger and a content writer. In her own words, she’s an incurable optimist, a health and nutrition nerd and an obsessive dog lover who aspires to be an eco-warrior.


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