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Mosaic Art: The Owl

Vandeepp Kalra | December 17, 2020
Mosaic Art: The Owl

Love’s Labour’s Lost – Act V, Scene 2 – “Then nightly sings the staring owl, Tu-whit; Tu-who, a merry note.” These are lines written on the bird of prey by none other than William Shakespeare.

Ever wondered why we are so fascinated with owls? Is it their huge eyes, swiveling head, upright stance, sharp talons or is it their nocturnal lifestyle that so captivates us? To me, owls are strikingly beautiful birds that exude enigma and fierceness. This graffiti inspired art piece is for all my owl admiring friends.

A mosaic art piece is an extremely labour intensive process. It begins with composing and designing an outline followed by manually cutting mosaic tiles and stained-glass pieces to the desired shape and size. This is then followed by pasting them on the substrate. Once done, the crevices in the piece need to be filled in and a coat of polish will give the piece the finished look.

This mosaic art piece is for sale. Size is 24” x 24”. Price is available on request.

Vandeepp Kalra

Vandeepp Kalra is a mosaic artist who plays with mosaic tiles and stained-glass pieces that she imports from Europe. Her work, juxtaposing elements of texture, light and scale, articulates into stories filled with colour and mystery, thereby creating exquisite contemporary art.


Vandeepp’s dedication towards the art is witnessed in the minute detailing in her work. The painter in her keeps the movement and the fluidity of the subject alive, which is a challenge to achieve considering the static nature of the glass.


Vandeepp says, “What started off on a whim has grown to become an obsession of sorts. Like life, mosaic art is a journey of infinite possibilities. No matter how you plan or conceive the end piece to be, it will always have its own identity and character, full of surprises. And it’s this journey I find most gratifying.”

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