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Mosaic Art- Born in the Wild

Vandeepp Kalra | September 24, 2020

Piercing eyes and dark vertical stripes on orange-brown fur; the artist has brought alive the image of this magnificent creature – the tiger – through a piece of mosaic art.

The artist is extremely grateful to initiatives like ‘Save our Tigers’, which she believes are much needed to preserve our fragile ecosystem.

Mosaic art piece is a labour of love – one that takes significant time and patience and is a challenge to achieve, considering the static nature of glass (mosaic). It could take anywhere between one and two months depending on the size and the intricacy involved. While it is definitely an elaborate process, the four key steps include the following.

  1. Composing and designing an outline
  2. Manual cutting of mosaic tiles and stained-glass pieces to the desired shape; thereafter, the pieces must be segregated depending on size, followed by pasting them onto the substrate
  3. Once firmly set, the crevices in the piece must be filled in – a process called grouting
  4. The final step is polishing the artwork to perfection

This mosaic art piece is for sale. Size: 26’ x 32’. Prices are available on request.

Vandeepp Kalra

Vandeepp Kalra is a mosaic artist who creates pieces of exquisite contemporary art. Through her compositions, she tries to create an engaging discourse between the viewer and the work; a discourse guided by the luminosity and depth of the glass (mosaic), that is painstakingly cut and deliberately placed against each other to form a coherent whole.


Vandeepp says, “Each piece of work expresses my love for subtle vibrancy and contrasts. I draw inspiration from anything and everything around me. I can be inspired by a spontaneous thought or idea, and at times it’s a deep and prolonged process of self-discovery that takes shapes to form a piece of art. Sometimes it’s a riot of colours, and at times profound calmness. My work reflects my emotions and state of mind – whimsical, chaotic and yet balanced”

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