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Noushin Nuri | November 5, 2020

If you are a Bollywood fan, take a big iron rod and hit your head.

Your memories might be erased.


If you were a student who excelled in all things scientific,

Try recalling the percentage of hydrogen, oxygen and nitrogen in air.

These memories always get erased.


If you’re a person like me who meets a lot people every day,

And can remember their faces, their hobbies, but their names? 

The memories get erased.



Memories are like the five-year-old me,

Who did a lot of things on her own, but she was not to be forced.



Memories are like the five-year-old me,

Who refused to eat what she was given but craved what was forbidden.


They say the brain is a house with a limited space,

But who’s a permanent resident and who’s a paying guest?

You can only update the guestbook when somebody checks in,

But the name of a guest, by your choice, can’t be erased.


We make memories as we live,

But we don’t know how long the memories live.

Yes, you’ve burned the letters; she has flushed your photo,

But, but, but, the innocent heart is still attempting a veto.


So dear ‘that particular memory’, you won’t be erased?

“I will be, but only when I will get replaced.”


Noushin Nuri

Noushin is currently pursuing her BBA in IBA, University of Dhaka, Bangladesh. She loves sipping masala tea and reading books of every genre. Noushin plans to open her own publishing house someday where books will be judged by their covers.

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