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Majuli: The World’s Largest Riverine Island

Afreen Anis Rahman | January 14, 2021
Majuli: The World’s Largest Riverine Island


This is Nimati ghat, along the Brahmaputra’s south bank. The ferries take people and vehicles across to Majuli, the world’s largest riverine island.



In the mid-19th century, the island comprised a land mass of over 1100 sq kms. In less than two centuries, it has lost 33 percent of its area to erosion and if the current rate persists, the island may entirely disappear in the not too distant future.



Majuli is larger than several tiny sovereign nations. Its land mass comprises an area bigger than Tuvalu, Vanuatu, Nauru, the Vatican and Leichenstein all put together.

Afreen Anis Rahman

Afreen is a hotel management graduate from the University of West London, UK. She is currently employed with American Express and even long before the pandemic, she was often working remotely. Afreen is currently in Assam and much as she is raring to return to the sprawling metropolis she calls home, a part of her definitely likes the quite locales of a rural setting.

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