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Leaking Energy

Uma Daga | September 23, 2021
Leaking Energy

I was enjoying my morning dose of positivity quotes when the term ‘leaking energy’ caught my attention. My energy conservation ideas got a new point for pondering and made me write these few lines.

In the last few weeks, my process of self-learning, internalisation and growth has introduced me to the importance of life energy. I have been consciously working on the depletion of whatever energy I wake up with and how I use it across the day.

The self-realisation that my energy is only mine to use and should not be wasted, has made me form a sound and workable mindfulness routine. There is no thumb rule to this and I keep playing around with whatever I have understood so far.

It is important to shut off the alert mode

Even the strongest emperors shed their armour after a war to relax and regain their stability and strength.

So, why should I keep expending my energy in fearing what ‘can happen?’ Anxiety and fear based on researched inputs, past experiences and lessons learned the hard way, need attention, but they should not dominate our senses. It’s important to be aware and stay prepared for any eventuality, but within reasonable limitations. Being extra precautionary can leak out a lot of good energy, both directly and indirectly.

In other words, sometimes, it’s important to let your guard down and hum “Que sera sera, whatever will be will be……”

Allow and absorb good energy only

Every person is a capsule of energy. He or she will always carry a baggage of emotions, experiences and wave lengths to my energy circle. I should not allow their energy to conflict with or reduce mine.

The energy drain because of their presence, if any, can be detrimental to my growth and goals. By now, I have understood that only positive vibes and happy topics should guide most conversation or points of interaction.

This said, I should also learn how to let go and walk away politely from anything and anyone that can be detrimental to my energy levels.

Healthy self-care and nurturing routine

My day should be built around self-care with enough space left to include things and people who ‘need me willingly’ or demand my attention in a positive way.

Dealing with everything that I come across, or trying to understand the work-in- progress and thought patterns of everyone in my environment can be toxic; it is an avoidable and taxing process.

I should not drain my energy by being too proactive or alert to what can be done to assist others without being asked to do so. I have now realised that everyone has a learning graph that can be slower or faster than mine. I should try not to waste my energy in escalating their understanding or speed of functioning – unless they solicit my inputs.

Effective energy channelising and management

I have also understood the importance of being flexible with my routine and tweaking it (continuously and frequently) in line with the rest of the day’s energy.

Earlier, I would think of a to do list and plan my day accordingly. Now, I think of one or two tasks, perform them first in line with my energy flow, rest a while and feel good about it. And then, I work forward.

This way, I am not leaking my energy in over planning or going around tasks hurriedly. On the contrary, along with completing my entire to do list, I still have time and energy left on hand to enjoy relaxation and destressing activities. I feel so relieved!

No validations needed!

Asking for approvals, justifying my beliefs and actions, waiting for appreciation or acceptance is now a thing of the past. I wonder how I allowed so much energy leakage earlier on in life!

These days, I am learning how to let go and adopt better ways of energy conservation and utilisation. Hopefully, I will have a longer and more specific list to share soon.

Until then, I am on my ‘energy saving’ mode for my own good and that of others who have to deal with me.

They must be so relieved too!

Uma Daga

Uma is a nature lover by birth, life enthusiast by choice, and a content strategist and writer by profession. As a freelance content developer and editor, Uma has worked with several international and domestic clients like the United States Embassy, Infoanalytica, Ezdia, Enventure, and the Aditya Birla Group, among many others.


Uma loves travelling, making friends, reading, housekeeping and learning new skills. She lives in Jalpaiguri – far from the maddening crowds – in the lap of nature and says, “You have to meet and spend time with me to understand why I am the way I am!”


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Aditi Chatterjee
Aditi Chatterjee
2 years ago

An excellent guide for enabling one to destress, prioritize and understand that there is no need to stretch oneself beyond a certain point.

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