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L I F E   

Sandeep Agarwal | May 20, 2021
L I F E   

You are alive! It’s a blessing, be grateful.

You’ll surely die, it’s certain; though the thought is painful.


We behave and live life, as though we are immortal;

Fail to understand we share a rented space, akin to a hotel.


We are here to stay and co-exist, with all that God has made.

Nothing belongs to us, nor is anything ours: it’s better understood than said.


Then, why are we here and what roles are we to play?

That’s the million-dollar question, realise it sooner you may.


The moment you arrived your race began, time is soon passing by,

Unaware of allotted counts of breath, as life dwindles, you take a long sigh.


Sorrow and happiness, mistrust and faith, despair and hope, all are condiments of life,

These concoctions make life tasty and worthy, just like sugar and spice.


Your sulking and holding grudges, gives you no pleasure,

Don’t mess up your life, sort it for ample fun and leisure.


You may think high and very far,

Your goal could be the sky, your aim the star.


But keep it simple, stay happy, love and serve,

You’ll be joyful ever, even with the dwindling curve.


Be thankful for everything; every breath that you take.

Your choices define the life you lead, either make it or break.


Oh! What a beautiful gift of God, this life can be.

It just depends on how you perceive and how you see.


Hey buddy, you have just one life, make the most of it.

Get it right, have no regrets; stay healthy, happy and fit.


Sandeep Agarwal

Sandeep is an alumnus of Don Bosco School (DBS), Siliguri and is still remains connected with his alma mater by virtue of being a board member of the DBS alumni. He graduated from Delhi University and has completed a resident course at Exeter College, University of Oxford, in leadership and management.


Sandeep is involved in running Kaysons, his family company. They deal in automobiles and hospitality. The company has brands such as Honda, Hyundai, Kia and Tata Motors in their fold. Their first luxury hotel and resort property called The Four Vedas is located in Siliguri.


Sandeep also serves as the Regional Director, Federation of Automobiles Dealers Associations of India. He the past president of Rotary Club of Siliguri, Green and Past Chairman, CII-Yi.


In his free time, Sandeep loves listening to music, writing poetry, partying and dancing. He also counts himself as a gadget freak.

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