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In Recognition of International World Cycling Day

Rakesh Sarda | June 3, 2021
In Recognition of International World Cycling Day

On the occasion of World Bicycle Day which is celebrated on 3rd June, Rakesh shares some beautiful pictures taken by him on his many cycling jaunts in and around Siliguri.

The COVID-19 led lockdowns may have been  unpopular with many. For cyclists, however, the lockdown was ideal time to pedal all over and discover beautiful places just around the corner.

What Rakesh loves most about early morning rides is experiencing the freshness in the air and enjoying delicacies that are served fresh only at this hour.

Be it a glass of fresh wheat grass and giloy juice or the refreshing taste of fresh coconut water, these make his day begin on a positive note.

Rakesh firmly believes there is a right moment to enjoy the special things in life. These aspects, he feels, cannot be home delivered ever.

Rakesh Sarda

Born and brought up in the hills of Darjeeling and Gangtok, Rakesh shifted base to Siliguri six years ago. He now lives there with his wife, son, daughter and two adorable golden retrievers. He found it quite a challenge to adapt to the weather and lifestyle of the plains. However, with a new set of friends and interesting hobbies, it has been a lovely journey so far.


Cycling has been one such hobby that Rakesh picked up in Siliguri. He says it helped him bond with his son and nephews who have now become his regular riding mates. He feels blessed to have settled in Siliguri since there are beautiful riding destinations all around.

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Sunita lohia
Sunita lohia
2 years ago

Very nice jamai babu

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