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Health is Wealth – A Mother’s View

Rupa Motwani | May 6, 2021
Health is Wealth – A Mother’s View

As we complete one year of the pandemic and the second year begins, there is one thought that has become the mantra of the world and that is ‘health is wealth’. For generations, our grandparents, parents, scholars, doctors and spiritual leaders – all paid great emphasis to health.

The year 2020 has been a very traumatic year for the whole world. The pandemic has forced us to introspect, and value our health, making us realise and accept that health is the actual wealth.

Work from home has resulted in all schedules going awry 

With most people having to work from home, the clock seems to have become disoriented. We have all day to do something that we would do at a particular time; nothing seems to follow a set pattern like it was during pre-pandemic times. Nowadays, few wake up when the cock crows. Why? Because, we go to sleep late . With no set schedules in place, some of us work at a lazy pace thereby prolonging our working hours, while many just watch a movie or web-series, or play games. We have ended up becoming lazy and wont to procrastinate.

Mealtimes are no longer a dining table prerogative. Due to our irregular work patterns, we eat our meals separately and at our own convenience. So, they are served to children in front of the idiot box, sometimes on the bed or even on the workstation even when classes are ongoing (videos are off and the mic is on mute of course), or to the man of the house during his daily online meetings. If this is not enough, much of the content seen on television is negative. This has led to very unhealthy living both mentally and physically.

Good health is not just about physical well-being 

The least we can do is read inspiring stories to our children and limit television to watching educational shows so as to encourage positivity and promote good behaviour.

As a mother, I have tried to teach my children to brush their teeth on waking up in the morning as well as before retiring for the night. Another habit that I have made sacrosanct for the entire family is to have all meals together and on the dining table, no matter what. When children are small, they listen to these home rules and it slowly develops into a practice. Therefore, when they grow up, these become part of a daily routine.

The current generation of children spend a lot of time on computers and mobiles. This has an adverse impact on their eyesight and their eyes become dry and red. As a parent, I insist that my children wash their eyes regularly and I try and limit their screen time as far as possible.

Since they are unable to go out and play or meet their friends, I have tried to instill in them the love for reading. I truly believe books are a man’s best friend. Those who love to read, keep their mind active and alert.

The pandemic has given way to a new way of life

We homosapiens are inherently gregarious by nature. Socialising and meeting people adds joy to our life and eliminates loneliness. But in the current scenario, it is social distancing that we are being forced to practice. The pandemic has, no doubt, made a huge difference to our lives, but there are numerous positives takeaways for sure.

For one, the skies are finally looking blue, the air is so much cleaner and there are so many varieties of birds that we can now see perched on every branch and on roof tops! Above all, it has given a chance for the family to come close once again.

This pause in our lives has encouraged us to lead a healthy and balanced life. As a mother, I hope that our children continue to follow a lifestyle that helps them to be mentally, physically and emotionally fit. Wealth cannot buy good health. It is only if we have good health and lead a disciplined life that we can create wealth – of knowledge and happiness.

Rupa Motwani

Rupa is based in the City of Joy – Kolkata! She completed her masters in International Relations from the prestigious Jadavpur University. She is a homepreneur, a blogger and a writer too. She loves writing on subjects that make us sit up and ponder.

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3 years ago

Great piece Rupa!!

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