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Handmade Block Printed Gift Bags

Panzy Cheema | August 19, 2021
Handmade Block Printed Gift Bags






Panzy Cheema

An engineer by profession, a teacher by passion and a crafter by heart, Panzy wears many hats! She is a Hall of Fame teacher of the globally renowned edtech company called Whitehat Jr and is currently working there as the Director Teacher.


In an era dominated by machines, she believes in the power of ‘handmade’ and that is what led her to learn block printing. Wedded to the Olive Green, she moves frequently to different parts of the country which has given her the exposure to the art and craft history of different states and also served as the stimuli to set up her own company called Chaap. It showcases her block printing craft. Using her creativity, she makes unique items like block printed gift bags, wine bottle covers and wrapping sheets.

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