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Guggi Bird

Sangeeta Batra | July 1, 2021
Guggi Bird

It was during a casual visit to a pottery studio when the artist first held clay in her hands. Sangeeta instantly knew this was her calling. She initially started off as a hobby artist but then became so deeply involved in the medium that there has been no looking back since.

Over 20 years on, Sangeeta has scaled new heights. She has carved a niche for herself and for her studio, Guggi’s Clay, in the creative world.

Sangeeta is over 60 now. But she works with the same enthusiasm she held when she’d first started. She says she owes a lot to her art; it has taught her to be meditative and calm.

Sangeeta adds that her biggest learning, during this journey, is that age is no barrier for a soul that seeks to learn and grow. Also, if women keep themselves occupied with a purpose or vision, they serve as role models for their children and future generations.

Sangeeta Batra

Sangeeta Batra is a practicing ceramic artist, based in Delhi. Ever since she got married, Sangeeta had a deep urge to do something more than simply be a homemaker. Although the initial years of married life were spent in nurturing her children and looking after her home, she managed to squeeze in time for studies and pursued a bachelor’s degree in education. Thereafter, she completed a course in computer programming. And to satisfy her creative soul, she took up photography too.

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