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Latika Ojha | October 22, 2020

Dauntless Durga, Himavan’s daughter,

A Goddess destined to vanquish and slaughter,

The buffalo demon, Mahisasura,

With her mighty trident, gifted by Shiva.


Mounted atop a fierce, white lion,

Lord of the mountains’ worthy scion;

Set to annihilate the conceited king,

That with arrogance to his power did cling.


A boon endowed to the demon by Brahma,

(Pleased by the mighty Asuras’s dharma),

Of only a woman that could destroy,

The demon. He, thus, waged war with joy.


Assuming a woman is too weak to kill,

Lacking in strength and warfare skill.

He set to plunder four worlds or lok,

Heaven, hell, earth and Indra Lok.


With the power of Shiva, Vishnu and Brahma,

Was born a warrior woman in Durga. 

Ten hands had she, gifts ten from the Gods,

Weapons in plenty, ‘mong a trident and sword. 


For fifteen days the demon she fought,

Striving to uncover his evil plot.

In varied guises he gulled and deceived,

All of which the furious Goddess astutely outdid.


Him in his hidden, evil ploy;

And the buffalo demon was duly destroyed.

A victory transpired of good over evil;

The message of justice to the common and regal!


“Of goodness,” it spoke, “keep sowing the seed”,

“For you will be bound for each tiny deed.”

Evil will perish, the good rejoice;

So, the path of virtues, a Hobson’s choice.

Latika Ojha

Born and brought up in the “Queen of the Hills”, Darjeeling, Latika has always been close to nature and thereby, poetry. She is an alumnus of Loreto College, Darjeeling and Vishvabharati, Santiniketan.


Latika is very passionate about writing and writes about anything that captures her interest, be it love, sorrow, patriotism or social issues and two of her poems have been published in the anthology, ‘MIDNIGHT HUES’ and one in an anthology related to mental health, ‘MIND’.


Latika is also a ‘Sangeet Prabhakar’ in Hindustani Classical vocal and holds a senior Diploma in Kathak from Allahabad Prayag Sangeet Samiti. An empath at heart she is associated with social organizations such as

AIWC (All India Women’s Conference) and LGD (Let’s Green Darjeeling).

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3 years ago

👍👍👍yet another amazing and powerful piece of poetry from my amazing friend!! Brilliant rendition of good overcoming evil… and the might of well intentioned females….. (as in a goddess) 😇😇

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