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Dr Nupur Das | August 12, 2021

I enjoy an ice cream after two long years

I don’t share it with you anymore.


A friend gifts a piece of clothing

I desperately yearn to say it all

But not anymore.


The melancholic notes of “Sunday’s illness” haunts Netflix

Not anymore will I tell.


For eight longish years I’d poured my life into your hands

You let it slip, like grains of mundane sand.


A few half baked crumbs of sympathy you flung my way

Just as one would throw scraps of waste to a stray.


I’d lapped it all up like god’s perfect nectar

Wagging my tail as I always did

But not anymore.


You are no more the perfect muse

For months my frozen words gasped to breathe

Some pathetic bits of hope, some lost love, some reflections

But not anymore.

Dr Nupur Das

Dr Nupur Das is a woman of emotions. An administrator by profession, she is currently associated with the University of North Bengal. She has travelled far and wide — a “lonely planetarian” as she terms it. Dr Das is also a passionate photographer, capture as she does vivid images reflecting the simplicity and honesty of her canvas.


She has two books to her credit. The first is called “Darjeeling Society Economy and Polity” by Salesian College Publications. The second is called “…and then the rains”. It illustrates her internal ever contrasting echoes on her childhood, growing up years and midlife.


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