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Cross Border Kitchens is Making Waves

Mohit Mehta | October 15, 2020

Cross Border Kitchens (CBK) is a multi-brand, multi-vertical food-tech company. It combines technology, culinary heritage and marketing excellence to develop and deploy food brands across multiple price points and cuisine types.


Serviced by its network of cloud kitchens, CBK distributes its brands not only online, but also through physical outlets, kiosks, carts, and via catering, quick service restaurants, and e-commerce portals.


The key highlights of the interview include:


  1. CBK runs ten food brands such as Biryani Central, Irfan Bhai, BroMomo, Aim Burger, and several more.
  2. They are a team of four co-founders from diverse backgrounds; each brings a unique skill set to the table.
  3. Their primary kitchen is located in South Delhi. The organisation follows a ‘hub and spoke model’ to allow decentralisation as they expand operations.
  4. They made sure to extend help to migrant workers during the exodus from the national capital region when lockdowns were announced.
  5. Mohit highlights that it is important to team with co-founders who can be implicitly trusted.

Mohit Mehta

Mohit went to school at Sherwood College, Nainital. His alma mater was central in inculcating discipline and values that have stood him in firm stead.


Mohit then went to the US for college, and pursued a degree in Economics. He then joined an investment banking firm and has continued with the organisation since. Mohit also holds an MBA in international business.

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Rozy Mehta
Rozy Mehta
3 years ago

Wow very impressive

Aditi Chatterjee
Aditi Chatterjee
3 years ago

Excellent venture. Appreciate the manner in which you cater to a variety of tastes and choices. All the Best.

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