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Devi Choudhury | February 4, 2021

O you weaver, what do you weave?

I weave the dreams of your iridescent designs,

That you fancifully drape.


O you potter, what do you mould?

I mould the hopes you harbour deep in you,

And give them a shape.


O you blacksmith, what do you cast?

I cast your will strong in crisis,

To keep your honour safe.


O you soldier, what do you fight?

I fight the foes of peace and humanity,

To upkeep faith in God and self.


O you farmer, what do you sow?

I sow the seeds of healthy sustenance,

For you to consume and save.


O you sweeper, what do you sweep? 

I sweep the path clean of vices,

That with labour you pave.


O you gardener, what do you nurture?

I nurture young lives to bloom and blossom,

That we all earnestly crave.


O you teacher, what do you teach?

I teach the lessons of morality in life,

To make you bold and brave.


O you mason, what do you build?

I build your house brick by brick,

To make it home with what you have.


O you undertaker, what do you bury?

I bury the rich and the poor,

To make them equal in the grave.



Devi Choudhury

Devi has been teaching English and Economics for the past 25 years in various schools across Maharashtra and Kolkata where she is now based. In her free time, she loves writing short stories and poems.

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