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Carp At The Dragon Gate

Jhelum Biswas Bose | August 19, 2021
Carp At The Dragon Gate

There’s an ancient Chinese legend about a little carp

Becoming a mighty dragon.


To control the yellow river’s forceful flow,

A brave warrior built the high and steep

Dragon gate.


This construction altered the water flow,

And the forceful currents brought many carps down the river

At the base of the waterfall.


The carps complained;

The emperor promised that if a carp could leap over

The mighty gate it would transform into

A powerful dragon and be crowned as the head of the fish clan.


Every spring, herds of golden carps were washed up at the base

Of the dragon gate.

And they all tried their level best to jump over the magnificent gate.


They tried hard but couldn’t succeed,

And sadly, accepted defeat.

But a little carp called hope, was determined to win

No matter what obstacle tried to prevent her.


Hope tried and tried and almost reached the gate

Seven times before she fell.

With every fall, her resolve grew stronger,

Her fins were bruised, her scales were broken

Yet, hope was not defeated.


She kept telling herself – fall seven get up eight,

Jump once more to leap over the dragon gate!


With these words she swam up the falls,

And suddenly realised that her fins could become wings

If she spread them out.


Hope unfurled her wings just when she was about to reach the top.

Magic happened!

She leaped over the gate and was transformed into a golden dragon!


We all have wings,

We just have to believe and be determined to win.

Jhelum Biswas Bose

Jhelum calls herself a dream chaser and a wordsmith. Her motto in life is “I do what I dream; I dream what I do”. She loves dabbling with words and then stringing them to create poems, short stories and even articles on beauty and healing. In fact, she writes one poem a day!


These days she has stirred up quite a storm in flavours and fragrances and says she’s a flower witch! She offers healing therapy to bruised souls and teaches different aspects of flower therapy. She is also the proud owner of a brand of beauty products called Jhelum Loves.


Prior to this, Jhelum has worked as a beauty editor and later a marketing professional with magazines and brands like Good Housekeeping, Women’s Health, Harper’s Bazaar, Satya Paul and Sephora.


She has recently published her first book of poems named, ‘My Colour is Love’ and it is now available on amazon. To buy your copy please click on the link given below.


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