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Bringing Out the Best in You

Nabanita Basu Ranaut | March 11, 2021
Bringing Out the Best in You

The importance of grooming in today’s world cannot be over emphasised. It is no longer important to be well groomed only if you are working in the corporate or hospitality sector. This quality must be imbibed regardless of career path and its centrality cannot be discounted in day-to-day life.

Most jobs these days are highly demanding and technical skills alone may not be enough to sustain in this competitive world. Along with hard work, integrity, qualifications, commitment levels and experience, one’s personality and grooming are key areas that need to be worked upon if one wishes to shine in the professional field.

It is important that everyone goes about grooming themselves well for their own satisfaction and also to boost their own image and self-esteem. You owe it to yourself to look your best. In keeping with the age old adage, first impressions are–more often than not–the last impression. When one wishes to create a lasting impression, there are usually no second chances.

Personal grooming is a way of life

Sound grooming begins with maintaining of good personal hygiene. Keeping oneself clean is vital for both health and social reasons. Foul breath, dirty nails, unruly hair, wearing dirty or unironed clothes and unpolished shoes are absolute faux pas.

Developing a daily ritual of keeping oneself presentable doesn’t just benefit one’s own well-being. Rather, it can help protect those around us too by preventing the spread of illness and infection.

It is also generally observed that self-grooming has a positive impact on one’s behaviour too. It serves as a revitaliser by enhancing one’s mental acuity and helps establish a unique personality. You begin to feel better about yourself and you will genuinely desire going the extra mile in all your pursuits.

Clothes communicate with no words

Be it a simple print or a bold colour, our choice of clothing and accessories communicate our thoughts. One can express one’s personality with suitable elements. Cool elements create an image of approachability, warmth and softness. Warm elements, on the other hand, create an appearance of boldness, assertiveness and strength.

It is important to select clothes and accessories depending upon the occasion — whether is a personal or a professional one. What you would wear to a wedding can definitely not be worn for a professional meeting and vice versa.

To add a bit of drama, one can always look at contrasts – in terms of line, shape, colour, texture, pattern, fabrics and size. Contrasts always work no matter what the occasion; a good combination is a reflection of your mood and it conveys the right message.

Creating harmony between clothes and personality

Each of us have our own distinct personal style. One must remember what works for one may not necessarily work for the other. It is therefore imperative to never follow fashion blindly. Creating harmony and balance between your personality and appearance is of utmost importance. After all, your personal and professional lifestyle and your goals are definitely not similar to that of others around you.

Above all, do remember that anything that distracts from the purpose of business, education or leadership does not belong in that particular context or scenario! In this regard, for instance, it is definitely not appropriate to wear flared clothing or thigh high slits to office. The same goes for flashy make up and nail paint. And of course, flip flops and transparent clothing are best reserved for holidays or your down time.

It is a myth that dressing up and setting aside time for grooming is vanity. Instead, it is a necessity. Good grooming and a striking personality are major confidence boosters. They always make way for newer and better opportunities.

Nabanita Basu Ranaut

Nabanita is a certified Image Consultant from ICBI, Mumbai. She is also an educator and a personality development trainer at Delhi Public School, Siliguri.


An ardent lover of music and yoga, Nabanita never stopped dreaming. This trait has enabled her to scale new heights. Her journey began with modelling for a contest which had judges like Prasad Bidappa and actor Rahul Roy. She has walked on stage with leading models like Nayanika Chatterjee, Pooja Batra and Karminder Kaur, to name a few.


Believing that talent needs to be nurtured and being creative can make you hone your skills, Nabanita enrolled in ICBI to further her professional skills and was trained by none other than Ms. Judith Rasband.


As an image consultant, Nabanita assists in developing skills and assuring confidence by building her students’ personalities, grooming them, and imparting to them styling and etiquette knowhow.

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