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Shivpriya GS | November 26, 2020

The body shivered, not because of cold and the fear inflated.

My body cringed and the breathlessness escalated.


As I went in deeper, my body went numb.

The intensity of the deep forced me to succumb.


That one breath made me see things that weren’t seen.

I looked around and realised that I was a startled being.


The warmth composed me and the water put me at ease.

As I spent some time in, I learnt that there is so much more to seize.


All I did was listen to my own heartbeat.

For not even once, I felt defeat.


My heart was heavy when I left that place.

For me, it is the genesis of a new life phase.

Shivpriya GS

Shivpriya is a believer of extremes and says her first home is her suitcase. She is neither a night owl nor a morning person on regular days but will not miss a chance to capture the sunlight or embrace the midnight whilst on her frequent trips.

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