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Vandeepp Kalra | May 20, 2021

The artist has recently started a collection using gouache paint. Gouache is a versatile and opaque water colour consisting of natural pigment, water and a binding agent.  Each of these original pieces of art are hand painted using premium paints. They are convertible and can be customised into mosaic art, on request.

Collection: Bougainvillea

Size: 15” x 11”

Medium: Gouache on cold pressed paper

Orientation: Landscape

Price: INR5000

Entire proceeds from the sale of the first 10 paintings will be donated to @hemkunt_foundation towards Covid-19 relief efforts.


Vandeepp Kalra

Vandeepp Kalra is a mosaic artist who creates pieces of exquisite contemporary art. Through her compositions, she tries to create an engaging discourse between the viewer and the work; a discourse guided by the luminosity and depth of the glass (mosaic), that is painstakingly cut and deliberately placed against each other to form a coherent whole.


Vandeepp says, “Each piece of work expresses my love for subtle vibrancy and contrasts. I draw inspiration from anything and everything around me. I can be inspired by a spontaneous thought or idea, and at times it’s a deep and prolonged process of self-discovery that takes shapes to form a piece of art. Sometimes it’s a riot of colours, and at times profound calmness. My work reflects my emotions and state of mind – whimsical, chaotic and yet balanced”

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