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Bedelgeuse and COVID-19

Preeti Varma | June 25, 2020
Bedelgeuse and COVID-19

On the screen runs a constant inner dialogue, which is in colour, three dimensional and highly visual. Life’s realities, the sequence and the content are catalysed by emotion and anxiety. Three months and counting, the club shaped spikes that give the virus a crown like appearance are now embedded in the psyche. There is no escape, no succour, no going away.

Only last night, a friend brought up the name of the Dutch painter, Hieronymus Bosch whose works were full of dark morbidity and sexual overplay laced with surreal concoctions of imagined reality – the perfect ingredient to trigger off a potent cocktail of thoughts.

Visions of this surreal floating spherical form of the corona virus intercepted by visions of the anatomy dissected in my zoetic mind. The young artist whose works I have been following for almost a decade, suddenly came to the fore. Bedelgeuse!

His works – a splash of colour merging the human anatomy and old botanical diagrams appeal to my hungry visual appetite.

Bedelgeuse started as a collage artist ten years ago, living and working in Phoenix, Arizona. He uses his work as a way of releasing and expressing pent up emotions, feeling healed as he does after he completes each magnificent art form. He creates artistic diagrams that are a riot of colour and texture, using varieties of paper, paint, glue, printers and razors to painstakingly add, layer and manipulate them physically and digitally into surreal compositions.

Deeply affected by the enigma of the human anatomy, Bedelgeuse seamlessly interweaves bones, tendons and organs with flowers, leaves, feathers, butterflies and crystals to come up with visually evocative work.

The resulting amalgam of his collages and my thoughts are somehow so befitting of COVID-19 and its aftermath.

Understanding dawns; the earth is healing! It is time to heal from within, it is time to take care of your own body. It is time to let anatomy grow back in nature and blossom with renewed life force.

Preeti Varma

Preeti Varma is a full-fledged painter and artist and is currently working with art furniture. Her company Enviroscapes, works on project concept coordination, design, landscaping, interiors, murals and paintings. She has had numerous solo exhibitions for her paintings but her installations are part of private and corporate collections

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Abha Ohri
Abha Ohri
3 years ago

Looking forward to reading more of such stuff!

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