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An Indian Couple

Gurnain Kaur | September 10, 2020
An Indian Couple

This is an art print on high quality textured paper. Frame in the picture is one inch wide and deep brown in colour. The words inscribed in the artwork are, ‘rang tera chadeya ve, ni hun koi rang naiyo chadhna’.

Translated from Punjabi, it means “your colour has rubbed off on me and now, no colour will ever leave its impression on me again.” Its essence is best retained when said in Punjabi.

The art piece is available without the accompanying quotation too. Its dimensions are 10″ x 12″.

Price: INR2100

Gurnain Kaur

Gurnain is a graphic artist, hotelier, craftswoman and teacher – the maker of all things beautiful. She recently launched her own venture–The Quote Potpourri–which according to her is a mix of words, art and calligraphy.  Through this, she aims at retelling popular words, sayings, thoughts and ideas through calligraphy and art.

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Suku Chowdhury
Suku Chowdhury
3 years ago

Gurnain is so gifted ! Awesome painter artiste and is so good with quotes . Reviving punjabi quotations , takes me back to the time of when my grandmother introduced me to them through stories ( saakhis ) which she used to tell us every wintry cold evening in Punjab tucked in our razies ready to sleep n these served as lulabys 🌹

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