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An App to Make Tutorials

The Elbyte Editorial Team | October 21, 2021

If you are a content creator and have wanted to make educational content that looks flawless on screen, you must give Bigvu a try.

An App to Make Tutorials

Over the pandemic’s course, there has been a massive spike in online learning. Even prior to COVID-19’s onset, the global edutech market was valued at an estimated USD250 billion. And in the past 18 months or so, it has only grown further. What was earlier considered a supplement to traditional classroom learning, could well become the primary means of learning for millions worldwide.

The advantages of online learning are not difficult to gauge. There are, of course, shortcomings too but such is the case with any facet in our day-to-day lives. Any activity, object, or even an individual, have their fair share of strengths and weaknesses. Similar is the case with edutech platforms — where their myriad benefits do pack in downsides as well.

But when it comes to ensuring affordable and convenient learning, there is no stronger enabler than edutech. The ability to learn remotely, at a time and place of one’s choosing, while paying nominal sums, is quite the revelation.

In numerous Indian families itself, and especially from the economically weaker sections, there is often need for younger members in the family to seek employment. Child labour is discouraged but when basic necessities like food, clothing and shelter cannot be fulfilled by the powers that be, there is no alternative but to work; even if the affected are yet to reach the age of majority.

Edutech has boomed globally

Now, edutech has caught on among both the developed and developing worlds. What is also a great benefit is the fact that one need not enroll for a general degree programme that lasts the better part of three to four years. Instead, one can simply sign up for a specific course on a platform such as Udemy and learn a specific skill.

When a digital skill such as writing, graphic designing, or video editing are learnt and honed, it immediately sets one up for financial independence. More importantly, it eliminates the need to relocate to a dense metropolis to find meaningful employment.

In simple terms, all one needs is a computer or smartphone, and an internet connection. With the bulk of the country now enjoying access to fast network speeds, the corresponding opportunities offered are infinite. Besides learning, should one aspire to teach, there are numerous tools that make it easy to create educational content.

You will enjoy Bigvu’s versatility

One such tech platform that allows edutech creators to make great content, from wherever they like, is Bigvu. This app is available in both the Android and IOS app stores. Like most digital offerings currently, it has a free version with limited features. And there is a paid version that offers several more features, including access to cloud storage.

At its core, Bigvu acts like a teleprompter. You can simply copy paste your text-based content or script onto Bigvu. You can then use your smartphone’s front camera to record yourself as you speak, while reading out from the screen.

To place into perspective, a teleprompter is essentially what helps a newsreader present his or her show on television. The teleprompting feature offers a convenient speed adjustment too — where you can determine how fast or slow you would like the text to scroll up.

Once you’re done recording, the paid version offers the option to add subtitles, background music and make edits like enhancing brightness and optimising contrast. Since the paid version also offers cloud storage, your device’s local memory will not be affected. Personally, we transfer the files from Bigvu’s cloud storage to a personal Google Drive folder. Thereafter, the Google Drive link is shared with the video editor.

Edutech firms now have sky-high valuations 

If you are a content creator and have wanted to make educational content that looks flawless on screen, you must give Bigvu a try. In fact, we suggest trying it to hone your communication skills.

Download the free version and if you think it does add value, you can then opt for the paid version. Meanwhile, India currently boasts four billion-dollar edutech firms; the most recent unicorn is called Vedantu. You sure can grab a share of this enormous pie.

The Elbyte Editorial Team

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